Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness knows how important it is to get employees take charge of their health. We partner with employers and brokers to provide biometric screenings, face-to-face health coaching, and enrollment support that help employees take actions to improve their health.


We are experts in providing biometric screenings for individuals and groups of any size. Our national network of Health Professionals is highly trained to create a positive experience for employers and employees alike. We have a unique end to end process and a state-of-the-art platform that delivers fast, accurate data. Plus, we own every part of the process including lab testing, logistics and fulfillment to ensure quality control, compliance and consistency. We will integrate with your incentive programs to maximize participation and engagement. Bottom line, we work to ensure the successful management and execution of screenings of any size, anywhere, anytime.


Our health services include:


  • Individual screenings at home or work
  • Onsite screenings for companies small and large
  • Remote screenings for individuals and eligible family members
  • Convenient walk-in local retail clinics for blood tests and biometrics through our partnership with a nationally recognized clinical lab
  • At home collection kits from our clinical lab partner
  • Our own physician fax record retrieval service
  • Onsite coaching from results reviews to extended engagement counseling
  • Specimen collection and testing