Health & Wellness Services


Hooper Holmes provides hundreds of thousands of health screenings per year in all fifty states, plus Guam and Puerto Rico. Our Health and Wellness services include biometric screening options and additional health testing options that we perform onsite.


Biometric Screening Options:

  • Fingerstick or venipuncture blood draw
  • Full lipid profile and blood glucose
  • Biometric measurements (blood pressure and pulse, weight measurement, height measurement, waist circumference measurement, BMI)
  • Notification of out of range biometric values (Critical Value Notification)
  • Biometric results review
  • Reporting


Additional Options:

  • Hemoglobin A1C
  • Prostate specific antigen (PSA)
  • Cotinine


Engagement Options:

  • Extended engagement counseling
  • Lunch ‘n Learns
  • Educational handouts


Customized Reporting:

  • Personal Wellness Report (electronic)
  • Corporate Wellness Report
  • Date feed to third-party vendor


All of the screening results are processed at Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc. CRL is now Hooper Holmes’ exclusive provider of laboratory testing services, and Hooper has become a member of CRL’s preferred provider network for wellness programs. This state-of-the-art laboratory leads the industry in delivering fast, accurate data, typically within 48 hours of a screening event.




In addition to working with companies onsite, Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness offers remote screening offerings for organizations we work with.


We provide cost-effective remote screening options for individuals and family members unable to attend onsite screening events. Options include:


  • Individual screenings at home or work
  • EZLink, our physician fax record retrieval service
  • Walk-in local retail clinics for blood tests and biometrics
  • At Home Collection Kits


The results from offsite Health and Wellness screenings are processed at Clinical Reference Laboratory, Inc .


The goal is to get as many individuals engaged in wellness as possible. We offer multiple options to screen everyone from single individuals and small groups to remote workers and large groups.