About Us

Hooper Holmes’ biometric screenings are convenient workplace health tests that help employees take action to improve their health. With coaching, incentives and enrollment in employer-sponsored wellness programs, biometric screenings ultimately reduce overall medical costs.


Hooper Holmes Health and Wellness owns the entire biometric screening process from beginning to end. Our packages and programs range from onsite screening and coaching to screenings for remote and individual workers.


Our services can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. We provide the following services:


        • Biometric screenings
        • Scheduling
        • Finger-stick or venipuncture blood testing
        • Risk assessment
        • Coaching
        • Enrollment in wellness programs


Our screenings are managed by a team of professional event managers, schedulers, recruiters, site managers and coaches. Our national network of Health Professionals is coordinated and mobilized through a proprietary, secure management platform.